Glow-Up, Grow Up Scholarship Slam

Growing Up And Learning Much 


My glow-up stage was built on ignorance and fabrication.

I was rebellious and in class lacked concentration. 

My glow-up came at a cost;

A bad GPA and self evatuation. 

Just a couple days before my brothers graduation.  


/I wanted laughs and to be seen. 

I wanted recognition from my football team. 

Never realizing I was hurting my dream. 

To go to college, and make my mom proud. 

I wanted my voice to be heard. 

And my childish actions only dwindeld it's sound. 


A glow-up is more than turning out to look your best. 

My glow-up took the form of a epiphany. 

Which would lead to years of little rest. 


My glow-up is an example of when someone born with less wants success. 

To the point where they are striving and dealing with adversity everyday.

The glow-up was a different look in my eyes. 

A hunger to be great. 

A determination to make a way. 

A goal to not be defined by a GPA. 






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