A Glorious Empire

Sun, 09/14/2014 - 19:32 -- AH


We stand together with different eyes but similar dreams.
The vision of us ripping this world by its seams.
Together we can rebuild it by our own hands.
Soon all those beneath us will meet our demands.
We will no longer be the puppets that obey this system.
The people of this world are lambs that follow or wisdom.
Together we can get them to think and act.
Soon these lambs will be wolves and form a pact.
We will be the ones who open their eyes.
The real world will be revealed and they'll see the lies.
Together we can make this world fall to its knees.
Soon we'll be the ones who guarantee.
We crush those who oppose our rule.
The ones who will try to stop us are fools.
Together this world will be our own.
Soon the light of our glory will be shown.
We will rise a new empire from the ruins of the old.
The world will be greater within our mold.
Together we will be as if royalty.
Soon it will begin so come with me.


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