Glass Bones and Paper Skin


Thoughts of nothing

In times of despair

I see you strutting

Like you don't see me here

I wished to fly like a choir on high

To live like a new being awoken

To be sheet thin and soar the sky

But that cannot be for I am so broken

Like sheet I crumble

Unable to be fixed

Like a coffee glass I tumble

Yet feel so shattered and mixed

My friends talk to me

And I to they

But our friendship be a mystery

For it is my thoughts they slay

I wish to talk of topics unspoken

To turn taboo to talk for the world anew

But that cannot be for I am so broken

And frankly so are you

Your darkness is my light

Your hot is my cold

Why live in fear of the night

Together we could mold

The most beautiful sight

We live with imperfections told

Not to be right

But who is to judge you or I

With marrowed glass I shatter and scatter

With looseleaf flesh I fly

It is not a matter

Of which pain is sadder

For I am so broken

And I could not be happier


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