Give It a Shot

Engrained in the very fiber of our culture,

Fundamental to our identity,

They say it empowers and protects us, 

They say that guns make us American,


Our language is corrupt with its influence, 

And our ideals are masked by our lust for guns,

People desparately cling to a right, 

They never had. 


To hunt, for sport, to shoot at a range, 

Yes. But to own a weapon

Who's sole purpose is to kill another human being.

Is that America?


Is this the picture we want to paint?

A culture that believes we have the right to kill

A constitution who's words are twisted

To fit the "needs" of today's America


I don't want to just change the laws

I want to change the culture

I want to change the killing and the death

And give people back their real rights


Safety, Happiness, and Pride

In a country that represents it's people and the fathers who founded it.


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