The Girl You Thought You Could Fool


United States
44° 5' 58.4052" N, 123° 7' 53.2956" W

is just a big obstacle,
don't stand in my way,
you think you know me,
and you think that
this is just a game
You laugh to see me cry
You hate to see the truth,
so you lie
because by lying
you think you'll win
You're just afraid that
you've met someone
who won't
take your Drama
she showed the real you
to those who already knew
but were afraid to say who?
and being the coward that you are
you've ruined EVERYTHING
that she has worked so hard for,
but what you don't realize is
you'll get it back
your lies
your deciete
your hatred
it won't be me who shows you this time
He has his ways.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

life is about lessons

one grows wise by overcoming experiences that gives strength to endure

it's about smartening up and mature

your poem exemplifies meaning of growth

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