Girl you lucky

This is a girl who cheats with eye,
his eyes captivated me
but I've always been driven by the heart.
This is a girl who has so many guys
for making me suffer when you tried
you opened the doors of my heart
but immediately I thought with the head
and pushed my heart,
I realized this is a girl who only knows how to suffer with her look, her clothes, her eyes, her personality and those lips you were using with color however.
You are lucky,Luckily the guys to notice you, you're lucky
so that the boys get carried away by your ingenuity however,you're lucky,Luckily I have not noticed a girl like you.however, misleading girl, lucky you.
I realized in life that I am nothing more than a boy though I have not made suffer to a girl neither with the look,I know I'm not perfect and yet I'm not just a guy i'm more than that, I'm more than a being and the fact I have been a guy I accept it and I love women but if I had been girl i would not have been like that girl who cheat with the look,however girl you are lucky,
lucky thats guys notice you.


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