A Girl Worth Fighting For

Thu, 01/23/2014 - 01:29 -- mcorneh


I’m more than just a toy.

I’m not a valueless thing.

I’m not all about the fame, fortune, money, or bling.

I’m not “your woman” and certainly not a whore.

I’m me no matter what you do - 

I’m a girl worth fighting for.


I can’t be bought with money

Like the others who came before me.

I won’t pretend to be something that I hate,

As you can plainly see.

I won’t sell my heart and body to you

Or anyone who comes after.

I can yell and protest all day long,

But you only respond with laughter.

But I don’t care because I know what I’ll be forever more; 

I’ll be a woman to be loved and respected - 

I’ll be a girl worth fighting for.


Now I say good-bye to this monotonous life

Where the hours are long and the pay almost naught.

I refuse to be treated like a commodity –

To be easily sold and bought.

You say that I’m nothing without you.

Yeah, well keep saying that as I walk out the door.

I’ll go places one day

And people will see me for what I truly am:

A girl worth fighting for


You can beg all you want for me to come back.

You can even get on your knees.

You say you’ll stop being foolish and that you’ll change.

Oh please!

You only make yourself look like an idiot.

It’s actually quite funny.

No longer will I live under your oppressive rule,

Where the weather’s always cold and the days are never sunny.

I’m ready to face the unexpected and what life has in store.

I’m a lady of pride and worth;

I’m a girl worth fighting for.



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