The Girl I am Suppose to Be..


United States
42° 14' 33.7884" N, 83° 13' 6.5136" W

I start as the girl I'm supposed to be
Always nice and kind and happy
With a boyfriend who cares, and a sister to run to
Everyone says "your family truly loves you"
No one can see the yells and screams
The blame that is not meant for me
I take the hard ship with a tight lipped smile
And try to hold on to what I have for just a little while.
Play it off as simple family fights
And don't tell anyone I cry myself to sleep most nights
I wish I could say, in the end, I got away
But I know I will go back again one day
Because I truly am the girl I'm suppose to be
Always nice and kind to everyone, no matter how it affects me


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