To The Girl in History Class

Dear you,
You are remarkable.
I hardly know you but that is already evident.
You are Venus.
Warm and wise but underlined with power.
You are a queen,
Black queen,
Obviously known.
I have to learn you.
I have to know what brings tears to your eyes.
I have to know so if that were to ever happen;
I can push people out of the way
Yell, "Everybody move! I'm a doctor!".
Mainly because I have always wanted to do that.
But also because I know I'm the best qualified to heal your heart and wipe the tears.
I have to know what makes you smile.
I need to know what brings that crescent moon smile to your face.
Your smile is the perfect metaphor
I dream of writing.
I want to know your favorite joke
So I can always make you laugh.
I want to memorize your laugh like my favorite song.
I want to know it so well
That even when you're not here
It's on constant replay in my mind
To remind me that you're still here with me.
I want to learn you.
I want to learn how it feels to have your nails in my back
Scratching away my past
Only to make room for our future.
I want to learn your lips.
How it feels to kiss a goddess
And have both of our insecurities dancing slowly across our tongues.
I want you to suck the lies I've told from my mouth
So I never hurt you like I did so many before.
I want to learn your body.
Every curve underneath my fingertips.
Moving gently
Because I am touching pure gold.
Soft, but valuable.
A thousand treasures could never compare to you.
You are priceless like a gem from God.
Amethyst and opals could never compete.
God made you with his own hands.
Molded you perfectly,
Held you to the sun,
Gave you the magical melanin,
Then gave an angel a high-five and said
"God damn I'm good".
Effortless beauty,
Naturally sexy,
And so intelligent that I have no adjective to describe.
You aren't my dream girl...
She could never be as good.

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