The Girl in the Glass Heart

Sat, 11/21/2015 - 05:44 -- JRO321

Deep inside her heart of glass

Lies the tears of her dark past.

The girl inside, she hears her cries

Her never-ending lullabies


Lost in confusion, pain, and cold.

Drowning in sadness, truth untold.

She can hear her whisper, "Hold me tight,

for I am the one that died that night."


Looking through the glass, her eyes grow soft.

She knows her pain; she has not forgot.

"For you are me, and I am you

The happy girl that you once knew.


I will be here, protecting your heart.

Fear not, dear love, I will not depart.

No matter how long your tears do fall,

I will be waiting to catch them all."


Safe inside, the girl keeps her heart warm.

Never failing to weather the storm.

As the tears fall, she catches them gently.

Softly she whispers, "Please, don't forget me."







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