To The Girl In The Back Row

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Dear past, forgotten, former self:

To believe that you are with me

And I am in you is absorb

For how could I ever be the girl you claim to be?


How could I have wished to be seen

From behind her shadow, his intelligence, her reputation?

Wished to be heard

From above his wants, her needs, his desires?


I had to sit for far too long

Behind the locked doors, shackled bars, dark corners

I've had to stand quiet 

As you bared the unkind glances and words


But no more can I sit idle

No more can I stay locked away 

When I see the girl in the back row

And I know she has something to say


Dear former, forgotten, past self:

I've out shined her shadow

Surpassed his intelligence

Built up my own reputation

I've reclaimed my wants

Stated my needs

And lived out my desires


No more have I lived to satisfy others expectations

No more have I compared myself to others

Because at the end of the day

I have to want my own 

I have to look out for the girl in the back row

And know that shes not in this alone



This poem is about: 
My family


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