To A Girl...

To the girl that looks in the mirror,

Your thoughts are in the wind

you can’t catch them with your net,

you only tie them with your sin.

You are the girl who knows not of purity and bliss

You are the girl who’s mirror is her only friend

To the girl who shatters it with the innuendo of her kiss.


To the girl who thinks that her shadow is her fan

I’m not sorry your “sorry”

To the girl with the soul of smoke.


To the girl who forgets how to think…

You’re not broken you break the plates,

and fuel the spark.

You're the one who plays the game,

and makes the marks.

To the girl who forgot her name.


To the girl-

oh you wish and you wish for more,

but what are you really looking for?


She is the one with pointless gestures,

and a catapult of shrapnel.

She’ll unleash it on you

for you’re and easy distraction.


She is the Berlin wall,

yet she never falls.

Her pedestal so high

she misses all that pass by.

They’re her breeze.


Yet she breaks the mirror too,

slices it to pieces.

She forgets who she hurt.

The girl whose pain never ceases.


You’re the reason you’re you.

You’re the reason you hurt.

There’s pain in every story,

and your story is full of dirt.

You lie,

You cry,

You bring yourself down.

You are the pain inside you,

your own personal clown.


I let go today,

you let go in disarray.

I let go of your lies,

you “let go” but you're still greed.


We are her,

She is me,

yet there is a difference,

She refuses to see.


You live forever,

yet you die alone.

You cause all your misery,

Your forever on your own.


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Our world


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