Gilgamesh The Student

The arrogant and powerful student Gilgamesh.

Strongest on any sports team.

Smartest on all subjects.

He stands alone with no one to stop him.


Someone new transfers to the school.

Enkidu learns of Gilgamesh’s foul deeds.

Enkidu will humble the arrogant bully.

A wrestling match between them ends in a draw.


Gilgamesh made a new friend and wanted a challenge.

The duo struggled, but defeated a beast terrorizing the school.

Gilgamesh’s arrogance leads him to offend a wealthy girl.

Enkidu dies from defying the girl.


The powerful student grieves for his friend.

He leaves the school to go on a journey.

He matures and learns much from his quest.

The wise Gilgamesh returns and leads his school to prosperity.

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