The Gift of You (A Mother's Day Poem)

You know what it's like to live without me,But I have never lived without youYes you gave me the gift of life,But life gave me the gift of you  Now I know I've said this,Maybe a billion times before, But you're the wind beneath my wings, You're the wind that helps me soar  I know I'm not easy to deal with, But you always find a way No matter how ugly things get, You always manage to stay.  No we might not be perfect, But I accept you as you are I wish each day that things get better, And you're the shooting star I can't thank you enough For all that you have done I just wanted to remind you, You're the best, you're my number one.  This poem might be a little cheesy, But I hope you understood; Thank you for loving me immensely More than anyone ever could. 


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