A Gift Unopened

Mon, 05/26/2014 - 18:41 -- telisep

I have never laughed

Nor have I cried.

No one has called me

Or looked me in the eye.


I have no name,

But you may call me a stat.

Is life fair?

I’ll never know that.


I’m an aborted child:

Never to feel,

Never to love,

Never to feel loved.


They left me here

Abandoned and alone,

Yet one question lingers:

Is this murder?


Don’t you think

That’s what it would seem,

But how could one kill I

Who has never come to be?


Parents, I’m sure you thought

That this was best for you,

Maybe best for all,

But what about me?


Who gave you the right

To play God like this?

But who cares what I think, right?


After all, how could I,

Who has never lived,

Ever desire to die?


I can’t imagine why

You’d throw away a gift

You’ve yet to open.

All I know is


You’ve ended my chapter,

Without it even beginning.

Never will it contain

A happy ever-after.


Will you regret

Ending my book?

Was this choice worth

The life that you took?


If you didn’t want me,

I’m sure someone did.

Someone deserving

But couldn’t receive.


I’ll never be an adult.

I’ll never throw a fit.

I’ll never experience the world

Or have a life to live.


Who knows what all

That could have been.

Maybe I would have

Cured cancer, fallen in love.


But it really doesn’t matter

What I would have done, does it?

Because I won’t, I can’t, I never will.

And that’s on you.


Of course, how could I expect

You to understand?

I mean, is it possible for me

To miss something I never had?


I’m not angry

Nor am I forgiving.

Just look through my eyes,

And see what I see.


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