The Gift of Life


United States
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From the time I was conceived I was a gift
The site of the embryo, gave my mother a lift
My heartbeat symbolized everlasting life
Joy and happiness was her strife
Morning sickness and nausea were good signs
Even though she hated it, she knew she could survive

As the months progressed, so did her size
Boy was she looking forward to her big surprize
Backaches, headaches and cravings were the topic at the the dinner table.
Poor dad, he digested everything for as long as he was able.
Being open-minded as he could
He made sure to share the joy with the neighborhood
People passing by realized his joy
One in particular stated "I hope its a boy".

A healthy one was the only thing on their mind
Hoping and praying that he or she will be fine
Time was moving fast as the weeks became months.
First 6, then 7, and along came 8
The count down began and they couldn't concentrate
The water broke and the pushing began
The gift of life is here, are you wondering what I am?


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

greatest gift anyone can have is a gift of life
great job with writing this piece
even better if you were to recite it
im a power poetry mentor

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