A Gift

If I could give you anything
Anything, anything at all
I would give you the gift of words
Words spurred from a place deep within you,
Words buried so deep, The word “deep” itself
barely begins to, insinuate it’s depth.

Deeper than the ocean-deep,
Deep calling unto deep
Deep like the earth is deep,
Deep like magma.
So deep it surpasses all darkness
and there is only light

Alive in the core of your existence
It persists, churning with a fiery passion,
Burning with so much emotion,

That it spills out volcanically from your pores

Yes, I would give you the gift of words,
and the courage to wield them
with Love.
And if I could tell you anything,
anything, anything I desire,
I would tell it all in pictures.
Pictures of human emotion,
Pictures of words spoken

So that we could understand
one another without making
A Sound.

And if I could play you anything
anything, any sound I wish
I would play you silence
because it is in the silence
that words speak loudest.
It is in the silence that
we hear the voice of God


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

very moving and inspiring

well done, well said

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