Fri, 04/26/2013 - 11:34 -- Elladan


United States
37° 52' 35.4396" N, 78° 16' 13.422" W

I am left staring at your ghost of a smile,
Until your lips find mine
And take me away
To another thought,
To no thought.
Only a hunger for more
Of you, of me,
For both of us together.

I shiver, pull away.
Not ready,
Unsure of myself now,
A bit unstable, unsteady.

I’m lost in this fall,
This movement towards something
I do not know.

Darkness chews light to shreds,
Leaving nothing for my body to fall into
As I am overcome,
Engulfed, swallowed
In the realization that you have
Lost, forgotten, dropped me.

I’ve become nothing more than a ghost.


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