Ghetto Babies Rap their Own Lullabies

Ghetto babies rap their own lullabies because mommy just can't seem to hush their screeching cries
For the love that lies within the cracks of her arms that enjoy being kissed by the needle of her one true love
Her veins were making love with a loaded gun
and she blacks out after playing Russian roulette with her unborn
now dead son

and baking
for feeding the craving of a fiend with babies
while her oldest Lies on her bed aching because mama got a free fix 

so baby girl ended paying for it
because nothing in this would comes free
Crying and begging on her knees
for a mercy that he just didn't possess
So now she's left screaming while he violates her happiness

Ghetto babies rap their own lullabies beacuse at night they have to hush their own cries
hush little baby don't say a word
soon you can fly high with the birds
and the words you have to sing at night to hush your little baby cries
Will lie in a story mixed with lies because no one would believe that this is what you survived
So, people who weren't there change events and times to make realistic what was seen with real eyes
And this is why ghetto babies rap their own lullabies

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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