There we go again, coming back around to where we were

After a new beginning, passed along by the end of an era

With tragedy following triumph, goodwill after emotional pain

The amount of insecurity focused is not in vain 

Crisscrossing love and fateful hate,

Sometimes early, often times late

Negativity saturated souls, up against it with lovestruck trolls

Time and time and time again, there’s the passing of another sin

Rewards of our own making, spoils of freedoms often mistaken 

Collateral damage of unjust blood,

drips of moisture causing enormous floods

Hazardous elements loosely followed paths, unpaved, planned destined for wrath

Unconscious and aware, bleeding all over the town square 

Prevailing only in times of strife, somehow we manage to enjoy this life

Unbridled power where evil breeds, 

Just a reminder, to please let us breathe

Can’t turn the corner that we can’t avoid, so take a deep breath to remember George Floyd


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