Genuine Friendship

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 22:42 -- mia6427

Like sisters we were inseparable

I thought being best friends forever was inevitable

Never thought we would end so catastrophic

Until I learned that you were toxic


We deteriorated slowly

As I realized you were phony 

Because your ego grew

Your presence is something I craved to eschew


It started with the judgmental insults

Loss of my self confidence is what results

You say you’re just joking

But hurt is what it’s provoking


I heard you gossip badly about me

What type of friend are you supposed to be?

You became obsessed with popularity

And acted like I was a case of charity


Not being friends with you was my fear

Because all our great memories would disappear

I wanted to pretend you were really a friend

But I knew our friendship had to end


After we split I wasn’t dependent on you anymore

I found my own friends who I adore

I realized my true identity

I’m finally in a place of serenity


Now I surround myself with ones who care

Ones who surround me with positive air

People who support me continually 

Friends who love me endlessly


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