Genocide of Free Thinkers

Wed, 04/17/2013 - 23:17 -- ZKey1


United States
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I stand upon an assembly line.
My gaze constantly wondering.
But I'm not suppose to grow curious.
“Eyes front” They bark.
Then there is a pain growing in my back
my eyes wonder again to my peers.
Their eyes are stuck in a gaze I can never stick too.
In my ear a voice rings.
They tell me how to think.
How to feel.
They say i can only go as far as they want me to.
I open my mouth to speak.
But i notice everyone around has a smile on their face.
Their eyes read acceptance.
But that makes no sense to me.
How am i accept things with no proof.
A world may scream sex sells.
And they except me to buy it.
But i rather spend my money on self respect.
They scream i need to except war upon my nations enemies.
But how is a boy soldier my enemy.
It was then i realized.
I was caught in a middle of the genocide of free thinkers.

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