Gasps and Whispers

Lights go low

Go dim

And I have never felt love like this

Like your kisses on my neck and hands on my legs

And I have never known love like this

Like moonlight is the only way we can see

But we don't need our eyes for this

Like so happy that our brains can't work

But we don't need to think for this

Just do

Just breathe

As if we were each other's oxygen on top of a mountain

A necessity of life

My lungs filling with your gasps and whispers

Sweet nothings that melt on my tongue as I taste your skin

And I feel you start to sweat in my hands

As I tremble in yours

Impatience vibrating through my spine

And goosebumps raised as temples of sin on my skin as your voice lowers

Dropping through your body like a sunset

Till it rumbles in your chest

And my voice escapes my body

Leaving only place for happy silence as you explore every possible part of me

Send shocks through me

Leave me breathless

With nothing left in my lungs but you

No room in my body for anything but you

And this bed

And this night

And our love in the moonlight

Not even dawn can burn away this night

That moment with you will echo unknown to anyone but us

And if I close my eyes

I can still see the moonlight

Still taste your skin

Still feel your breath inside of me

Those temples rise again when I think about it

That night were for a moment

You were my air

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