Fuzzy Socks

Sun, 01/12/2014 - 14:58 -- krk32


When I was a kid I was gonna be married with kids at this point

When I was a kid

I’m still a kid—still feel like one

I watch cartoons and wear fuzzy socks and my parents pay my bills

And my parents pay my bills

And my parents pay my bills


Maybe I’m not a kid

I don’t know what I am now

But when I was a kid a “Bill” was a person, not a weight on your chest

When I was a kid I was excited for the future, not petrified

When I was a kid I learned “money can’t buy you happiness” and “all you need is love”

And now all I learn about is who will have the best starting salary


I don’t care what my starting salary is

I just want my friends and my family and someone to tell me it’s all right to fail, you’ll get better

And my fuzzy socks

My feet get cold


Cold feet

You hear it on wedding days

But saying yes to love seems so much easier to me than saying yes to a future

A future where you don’t know anyone or what you’re doing

And you just want to be a kid and play dress up

Playing the future instead of living it


When I was a kid my imagination kept me entertained

I could make-believe and what-if with the best of them

I can still make-believe and what –if with the best of them

Only now it brings a pit to my stomach instead of a smile to my face


But once in a while a thought breaks through

What if I can do this?

What if I make it?

And instead of loneliness I feel hope


And hope breaks through like a ray of light on a gray day

It always looks like Heaven is peeking through

And with Heaven comes faith and together with hope, love is all you need

Faith, Hope, and Love

When I was a kid, they were so easy to master

Now I struggle to hold on


But I do hold on

That’s the point, I think

When you’re clinging to a log in the middle of the ocean and the waves pound over you and the sun burns your skin and the sharks circle beneath you waiting for you to let go and sink

You don’t

You hold on

And maybe you’ll paddle yourself to safety

Or maybe someone will come along to rescue you

But you hold on


When I was a kid my life stretched from the tree in the backyard to the end of the driveway

I don’t have those boundaries any more

The world is open and though the sky is dark

Heaven’s peeking through


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