Future Voices

Shooting for sport and we are the kill

Using our voices till time goes still

We scream, cry, and pray but there is no change

God himself can feel this pain

But now the winds are changing and the tides are rising

We’re portrayed as monkeys, but they are intelligent

We’ve been told we’re ignorant, but we are brilliant

I am black, I am American, I am a female, and I belong

I am the change the world needs because I’m bold and headstrong

We are the guides to our future and not the sequel of the past

We should stand still united as the dark days pass

I get on my knees and pray to the bible

As I sing in song when will we be equal


Poetry Slam: 
This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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I wrote this peoem to honor African-Americans and to spread awareness on police brutality in our community. I hope you enjoy this piece and it resonates with you like it has with me. 

Enjoy :)


-Zoe Marie

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