Future self

Dear Future Self,

I know you had a tough life. Your habits were overthinking everything and stressing. Your dreams were always looked over or no one believed in you but yourself. You've experienced racism and violence at a young age. You had to accept that your dad was diagnosed with diabetes. You were stuck in a place no one knew about because you would always smile and make everyone's day. But who made your day? Who asked if you were alright? Who told you that you could be anything you wanted to be if you just put your mind to it? Sad to say, but no one did. All of those nights you wrote about your dreams and goals. You wrote about how you were feeling, how the world was treating you, and how happy you really wanted to be. I'm writing this to you so you could remember where you came from and how much happier you are today because you never stopped believing in yourself. You never gave up, even when everyone turned their back on you, you never gave up. That's why i am so proud of you. The person you have became. All obstacles you've knocked down just to get where you are now is outstanding! It is amazing and breathtaking. You are so inspiring. You can tell kids who were just like you that no matter what they go through, they can overcome it just like you did. Even when you think you can't do it, I know you can. You've overcame failures, faced your fears, and made your dreams come true, and for that. Here's my letter to you.


Your Past self.

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My family
My community
Our world
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