The Future Is A Raging Storm


United States
33° 34' 21.2952" N, 112° 0' 42.7212" W

The future is a raging storm
A distant sky filled with rain and lightning
Making decisions can leave one forlorn
and repercussions could be frightening.

We spend our time planning and preparing
But when the day arrives, we are paralyzed.
Realizing we lack the daring,
we follow the current and shut our eyes.

Ambitious schemes and dreams are hidden away
For fear of being disappointed.
The mantra becomes, "One day"
but it never comes, our lives already decided.

The unknown terrifies all
With unanswerable questions of
"Will I survive or will I stumble and fall?
Will I be enough?"

The time for action is approaching fast
Quicker than our thoughts can form
the present blurs into the past
the future is a raging storm.


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