Future Dreams

A life of freedom, a power of vocals,

I dream of

My dream to share my voice with all the locals,

I speak of

I have a dream of singing to the world,

A dream i've treasured since i was a little girl

To stand up on stage, performing for thousands,

Letting my voice ring, being captured by the crowds

Singing my story, my song and my words,

Revealing to all the talent i have and what's to be heard

A career as a crime fighter, a solver, a breaker,

I want it

Unsure of what lies around my next case, yet im eager

I crave it

I am unsure if a life on the criminal justice field is key for me,

But i'm determined to fight through to it in order to see

I love analyzing and solving daily cases,

So i feel connected to this goal in every waY

I'm a lady of many talents and many desires which i cant let go,

Unsure of which is for me and if ill ever know

I fight for my future, taking each new chance,

Either as a future singer or solver, i'll soon enhance.





Wow, that was so meaningful and it had so much power.

Truly inspired!

Keep up the good work.

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