Fun Net Ticks

And Sill Lab Buff Hick Aye Shun

Hip puck creasy (ad hoc) key hide dee came
hint hoo my noggin ear lee aire this in fame
muss sec hound day hove ape' pearl
(Lifer til death game)

tooth house sin ate teen,
an hon nah - bell and clapper bloke
mostly silly key ping (faw) lame
bing word tangler, rustler mangler, a (name)

grossly miss understood
acts ill rod gun metal read rose,
but ween mice elf (in tha same
deep blue sea of sigh bore space), and tame

ghost of Noah Web stir, (the "Father of American 
Scholarship and Education") His whole foods (bran)
Hans holo hoe graphic image glee fully
danced like cranberries buff fore my ayes 

gent lee guy ding even me thoughts. He nod did
'pon every hip proved fenphen
dub bill loon. Thus sigh prose seeded
to brac kit this hen

speckled, pecked, choppy
 ram bulling miss sieve. Now Ken
ya boll weave me, i.e.
nope heart tickle to rhyme, nor rheas zen,

hex planes this alien acu men?
Thus ice elf seal heck head
top pick dis gobbledgook de 'zure
one long in the tooth 

in dent charred papa, who war
rents, through his
Engle hush patois rue brick 
mishmash heavy sack crow sank 

deep into Davy Jones's Locker
(as taut tummy by ma gram marred paw,
hewl leaved all his life in Bryn Mawr), 
tutoring, this war reed red wordsmith (screeching) 

viva veneer real with no dis ease:
a broadcast inter gnash shin null plea
from puissant amazing dragon hill, though me
heretofore jest playfully peppering

this poetic prey lewd pray zing gibberish,
boot ice till dune hot take for grant hit high lee
cogent, fluent, intelligent, lambent, overt
succinctness, thus strictly for sport

(maya tip pickle mowed
dis hopper end dee) inure inca hued bait tour
ring ship for fools (who russian,
where angels dare),
and (back to feeble poetic effort)

sum er all reed dears mite ache
against hub bull telescoping confusion
your understandable hub jake shun accepted
now juiced feign ya enjoy this unleavened

posse sub billet he hoi polloi
whit ness sing poi je
nais sais quois, where snarky quisling
(un bean host tum me, a lame excuse

to instantaneously disguise mass elf combo
Marquee DeSade Motley Crue dub bull agent),
deaf fender jam'n royal Madam English to death.
Etch hove us pea

gee ons dug in tar red bull feathery heals
(fig yurt tiff fully "speaking") sparing rod
spoiling alienated "grown child"
staunchly guarding stainless steel bedroom door

while inside boudoir bedizened bolero buck naked
Revel ling to Burt bach rock add dolt tree
'though peeved by traders joe king us
an gull low sax sans, sued don numb us ants ring to

Lexi cog raffie (boot mile luck) oppose zing
 forces drew up whee th (pair rubble) en psalm bull,
thus flagellated ex sigh tad lee by and bye
bias stating how crusty

cur mud gin fuddy-duddy's
stood ip hosed tom mode heron eye zing
zee diction aerie old stale liverworts, (a division 
of non-vascular land plants 

commonly referred to as hepatics
stead fast snap, crackling, and popping,
up like mushrooms dime a dew zen resembling
Jay June, Cook Coon Rye Cobb,

and aye den decal sigh measly twins Rack hewn.
This Marchantiophyta tidbit (vin yet)
you might lichen to a natural car pet,
or maybe rank as excuse to fern hush

Quiet Pussy Riot battle cry sans Flickr ring jet
sons and purposelessness as rust
sing Soundgarden, hawk
camp pining with Birdseye Angus

ass kin where's ma beef,
and Chicken Scratch Clickr
as Groupon queue didst Flickr
hysteria, when Hotmail got linkedin,

(morel less thee end of po whim)
with unquestionable
verse sit aisle hook Nsync able liner
can tanker us rap scallion slicker

twittering did sucks as vicar
heed to ass him mill late yawping,
Snapchatting, trickstir opposing banana, karma,
dog ma, tau toll edgy, wicker
path isle hedge, and ducks hull low gee.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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