fuck you and your hands

Thu, 09/15/2022 - 12:40 -- Moscamo

i was 8 maybe 9

he was my best friend

youve herad it before

the child trusts the boy

the boy starts out good

he cared

i like that

the called me cute

i bushed

he groped me

i was shocked

the offerd me his

i was to stunded to speak

a teacher asked what we were doing

i fucking love that man because if it wasnt for him i dont know what he would have done

years later i started to tell people what happend

they didnt beleve me

i got snapchat again

he found his pray, me

i was happy

he added me

i added him back thinking he changed

i told him what he did and how it was wrong

he denided it

i was upset

he asked for my body

i sent it because he already owned it

he enjoyed it

i didnt

in the morning i awoke to my phone

"good morining big tits <3" he had sent

i was in shock

i told my friend

they took my phone and blocked them and thretnd to hurt me if i unblock him

i told my therepist

she told me that ether im lieing or he meant no harm

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My community
Our world
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