Fuck It


If only fuck it was in my future,

But instead I'm sowing sutures.

Cradling the leg of risk takers,

Catching that last breathe 

Before it journeys on a different plane.

Regulating heart pumps,

Heart beats,

Blood leaks

As clamps fail

And I,

Using the nimble fingers

God made so well,

Too preserve that everlasting life

Of human consciousness and feeling.

Malaria has been in my dreams,

As it and cholera 

Crackle evilly

At my attempts

To save my humanity,

But when does the body ever stop.

When do the white coats and blue smocks

Ever think,

To fuck it.

Only the ching ching think that way,

And I care too much

About that fractured skull,

The blocked coronary arteries

and that life drifting from one world

Too the next.

The lame

Lupp dubb

Are calling my name

Lupp dubb

Are shrieking in 

Small houses of milk and clay

Where the rats are big and black,

and she takes his HIV and he

Shrivels with his AIDS.

Neither knowing that the other



I can change that.




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