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What do you want from me?

Why is it I never seem good enough?
Questioning eyes,
A skeptic glance,
"Uh huh, yeah, sure..."

Always second guessing
No joke
Everything looks like an accident
I'm pretty sure it all is

What do you want from me?

Giving new things a try
Only if it fits my work schedule
Have fun
Only if I don't do something stupid

Why make contradictions?
Make up your mind,
I can't be both
At least according to you

What do you want from me?

I'm trying so hard to please you
Trying so hard not to fail
Trying so hard not to make you angry
Yet I fall short every single time.

Thank you for considerations
But I don't understand
Is my life really my own?
Will I ever succeed?

What do you want from me?

I am afraid
Of deviating from what you want
Afraid of your sneer, your "I told you so"
If I fall flat

I will give everything up
Just to make you happy with me
To gain your approval
Isn't that everything?

What do you want from me?

The sad truth is this:
I will never make you happy
I will never satisfy your requirements
Anything I do is a mistake

Always second guessing
All the moves I make
Trying not to fall through a crack
Only to find a path full of them.

What do YOU want from ME?

Because what I want from you
Is to be left alone.



This was pretty good. I felt the emotion and the desperation. Good Job!

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