Frozen lakes call for more than snowflakes

Dear Ailurophilia,
Sand spreads across the line
of an unbelievable amount
of time
in which we
we're cursed to feel
unwanted emotions
and travel a road
so unworthy
we forget the true point,
the absolute solved case
and remarkable interest we gain
on the way into a catching and
touchy relationship.
Arms open wide
I know I'm afraid
and I know
mistakes I have made,
but accepting these items
in a shopping cart
during black friday
we cease to grasp
what's wrong with one another
the sight is no longer
open to our own eyes...
instead we seek answers
in different locations
resulting in the very emotions
we began with that we couldn't stand.
breaking down,
the feelings of people are
let's say "important"
but really we only care
about ourselves
and meaninglessly
allowing my mind to not even dare
begin on those thoughts
I'll prove it wrong...
giving an insane amount
of whatever you would like to call it
I'm only treated in regards
that don't concern you
as for my well being.
this seems to be my loose
change somehow
making a small dollar form.
So trying to read between the
lines won't only help in the
least amount but
you will only become more
as between the lines...
is blank spacing on the screen
of whatever device you're
reading this on...
because really, who reads letters anymore?
and no matter these very written words
in my extreme handwriting
laying on the paper
beside me...where will that be in years
to come? and rather will it matter?
In my thoughts, these letters
are just the beginning of
something I can't really name
but lately naming things isn't important
labels are lost in our source of
a relationship...
my smile sends questions to those
in terms of cluelessness.
Harmful venom
doesn't affect me much anymore
only your love is there is
a place of utter happiness....
so working on this pain
has gotten to an easier point
and my decisions are final so
i may cross your path more
than you like...and
will surely end up in your
photos and long lasting memories
unless a resourceful troop
directs life otherwise...
but no goodbyes will be said.
I'll always be here
With all of my heart


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