Friendship at its Finest (Through My Eyes)

I'm not the type to hold grudges

But I do have something to say

There's just too many things unsaid

That I must get out of the way


I remember when I met you

You were innocent and kind

But I guess I should have known

There was more than meets the eye


I wasn't prepared for the future

I didn't expect what you would have done

You turned me from good to evil

And now the old me is gone


You asked for one too many things

You shoved it in my face

My mistake for being too nice

You turned me into a disgrace


I figured you wanted to use me

I heart it out of your mouth

I remained passive about it

How foolish I feel now


Because your heart was cold

Your intentions weren't clean

And as I slowly declined

You didn't bother to even help me


Lies, too many lies

I've never felt so betrayed

The words spit out of your mouth

Words I'd never thought you would say


They haunted me, tortured me

I was backstabbed by your knives

And it was too late when I had realized

All you had deprived


I was left with nothing

Nothing but my soul

You took away everything

I no longer felt whole


The building blocks of despair

Over years of your hurt

I wasn't going to take it

Not now, not anymore


Do you know how many times I was there for you?

How many times I was not?

Pay attention to that ratio

And compare it to your slot


How many secrets I entrusted?

And how many lies have been said?

When I knew you didn't tell the truth

Do you know what ran through my head?


What kind of friend is this?

I thought you were sincere

But thanks for making me realize

There's nobody left to trust here


And the next time you cry to me

And the next time you whine

Why don't you replay the past-

And see it through my eyes?


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