Friends Out There


This is for the friends out there...I'm just giving my love to share. Even when things are rough I know they're always there.

I wonder if this will actually be a real song in the future, or if the people I once called friends turned into losers.

I just wanted to let you know how I feel, if things are bad hang in there and be strong like a Navy Seal.

But here's a little shout out to both Jimmy's and my boy Jesse, and I like that they are the best friends that they can be.

Also to Gama and Sean don't feel alone, because you guys are my brothers and aren't bad like Al Capone.

But together we're cold like Russia, oh and shout out to my boy named Hamza.

Both Hamza I, and Hamza A. Would I trade them in for money? Ha, no way!

And of course two more awesome friends is Andrew and Uzi, no one will mess with them because next thing you know they're down like they got hit by Bruce Lee.

And no one can see how close we'll all be.

But it's gonna be alright even if we're out of sight.

I made this to show my love...not just because I can be as peaceful as a dove.

There's probably some people I forgot about, but I took the time and I'll make more when I'm around and about.

That would be cool if it was an actual song, I'd do it too because I know this isn't wrong.

You don't have to pay, I made this for free so have a nice day.


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