Friends are Awesome

Our horoscope makes us confident
We believe in ourselves always, but yet
When we're feeling alone, needing to vent,
We stick by each other when the messages send.
Pearla stresses the pronunciation in her name,
There's always a giggle when we're cheering at a game.
She loves Kanye West and being happy, 
She hates when I choose to be sappy.
Brianna's amazing, she's so skinny and tall.
She loves to play piano and and play volleyball.
Blue is her favorite color, it's been made a point before
Elephants are her favorite, it's all she can adore
My friends are so awesome and unique,
We're all so un-normal in fact, it's what we seek. 
Originality is the goal, it's all we know. 
We're cheerleaders with goals, brains with a bow.
And me you say? Who am I?
My name is Aylene, I'm 4'9.
Giraffes are my obsession, I love to sing.
I'm the oldest of 6 and really hate bullying.
What can I say? We're all awesome and great.
We all are so close it's so easy to relate. 
So please enjoy life just as we choose to do, 
With amazing friends, you can be awesome too.  
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