Friends Are All I Need

In every direction she turned, she saw couples.

Couples kissing

Couples who called each other cute nicknames

People who just loved one another.


She wanted that; to feel loved.

To always know someone will be there for her,

To always know someone will light up at the sight of her


She slowly felt sadder and sadder as the days wore on

Realizing that she'll never be someone's one and only

Realizing that maybe she won't ever find "the one" and

Fearing that a family won't be in her future

Fearing that she will rot away alone


Then maybe it was fate or destiny

To meet a group of people who loved her for her

It's not what she expected but 

She started to trust

She started to have this warm feeling in her chest

And day by day it went away; the feeling of emptiness


She was a girl that finally felt true love

And realized that she'll never be alone

With friends like them in her life


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