Friends and Me


I needed a Friend when I was dying inside

I needed a friend when my grandfather passed

I need a friend who doesn't care about themselves

I need a friend to be a shoulder to cry on

I need friend to encourage me


To raise me up when I was down

When I wore a frown

When I didn't smile

Or think everything around me was real



I thought about back

To some questions I asked

Did I have a friend? Do I find a friend?

I didn't find a friend in man

I found a friend all in my head

China is her name

She held when I was dark

Loved me when others would not

Could not

Or didn't want



In my heart I needed a friend

To keep me at peace  

To save me from me

To comfort me

When my mother went away

When my father went away

When my bother went away from me

Taken from me


All I wanted was don’t worry

Don’t stress

Did it come no

I found a friend

An she lives in my head

China is her name


Where is the friend I looked for

Prayed for

They never came

*(China is my alter ego and best-friend)


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