To a Friend I Never Knew


To a friend I never knew,
Your eyes deep and full of wonder.
Brilliant cascades of royal blue.
A smile so bright it brings envy to the sky.
The sun and the moon couldn't rival your cherry lips in bloom.

Curiosity killed the innocents of a wondering shattered soul.
Alone in your heart break you sought to fill the hole.
A motherless daughter of a raging father.
No one to guide you or walk along side you,
You fought to go it alone.

No one could know of the struggles you've faced, 
No one would ever see the tears stream from your eyes and drown in the night.
A facade, a character, an empty abyss.
The pain grew stronger and the urge to kill it too bold. 
A flee from the world was your only desire.
But your exit from self was the only escape to transpire.

So easy to obtain,
So cheap to afford.
It's amazing how a little white substance could rule your whole world.
So much easier than fighting to gain your self worth.
So much harder to let go of the pain gathered along your endless search.

The laughs you once shared.
The love you once held.
The promise of tomorrow is now but a dream from another life.
A dream forgotten and cast aside, left to wither to ashes from your towering pride.

A beautiful monster with flowing amber hair.
A gracious disaster with a cruelly deep stare.
A heart once so soft and warmed with tender love 
Now burns cold in an icy hot snare.
Trapped away from the world once cherished. 
Dying to recall a glimpse of fate. 

You have my love in remembrance of what you once were. 
Sunshine in its purest form. 

Happy Birthday Darling


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