Fricken BATS

Tue, 11/22/2016 - 20:12 -- bmjudin

We've been friends for almost forever

I think about all the fun times we've had together

the four of us grew up knowing each other best

I took all of this as a true friendship test


When high school came around

Y'all were no longer there and i felt so town down

No one else showed how much they care

this empty feeling I couldn't bare


One day, three weeks, 4 years passed by

All the promises made became sudden lies

One thing was for sure,  that I was a good friend

I guess thats saying is true, "that every thing has an end"


It was hard without you three

Kind of like being stung by a bee

I cried until tears were my last

but it's okay, ebcause you're all my past

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