Freedom's Light

"Death to all tyrants!"
once blazed across the land,
where slavery and oppression
we're close on every hand.
From the shadowed corners of
a troubled, warring world
where once reigned cruel oppression
freedom's flags are now unfurled.
Waves of bright enlightenment
have put an end to sleeping.
Now, we hear the cries for freedom!
Now, we hear the victims weeping!
Men are slowly making changes.
Bright light bathes benighted realms.
Knowledge flows from pens and presses.
Freedom's gained with sword and helm.
But start not the celebration.
All the people aren't yet free.
Until the last man's shorn of shackles,
none can know true liberty.
Every time a tyrant's overlooked,
each time a cry for help is hushed,
freedom everywhere is threatened
until the evil's crushed.
Freemen, look around you!
See and recognize the state
of your disadvantaged brethren,
cruel opressed by men and fate.
The downtrodden poor still hunger.
The homeless fear the rains.
Ignorance still rears its head.
Those imprisoned fight their chains.
Atrocities still happen.
Slaves still wear their yokes.
While young and old are still neglected,
worldwide freedom is a hoax.
Each time a person breaks his chains,
we must lend a helping hand
and arm him for the struggle
with the darker side of man.
Let equality be his armor.
Truth and honor be his creed.
Place education in his sword hand.
Give him purpose for a steed.
When each person stands full knowing
and opposes evil's might
then the world can truly celebrate
man's journey into light.
As long as darkness fills the corners,
the fight for freedom is not won.
So light a candle in the shadows
and welcome in the sun.

This poem is about: 
Our world


Annette M Velasquez

This was written about the collapse of the Iron Curtain... The fall of the Berlin Wall. Please comment.

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