Freedom of Soul

It’s time to sever ties with those who lie; 
It’s Time to free myself from the toxicity of your superficiality, breaking away from your fly trap facade once and for all, never to fall for this sick style of manipulative mind control  -
Slashing ties with those who no longer serve me; ribbon cutting ceremony - y’all invited to the after party. 
baggage that ain’t mine, won't get my time. In the past, it’s confused me, consumed me, abused me. Threw me out on the street but then blew me?! Silly me, to have assumed the worst of your innocent gesture that consisted of fucking me, maybe that would have bothered me back then but 
I am aware of my power. 
I am aware of my higher self and my emotional body, which can be rash on occasion but I don’t judge that. 
I sit on the riverbank of my life watching each thought float by. 
I am unaffected. 
I understand my worth and I fight for myself. 
I am brave for myself and I stay safe for myself. 
I pray for myself and I breathe deeply for myself. 
I am concentrated, full, and aware in myself, 
pursuing passions and hobbies I never thought possible for myself. Every day I smoke weed with myself, 
falling more in love with myself. 
I meditate to get high for myself, 
to live in love with myself. 
A glow so vibrant you wanted to suck it off me - this didn’t surprise me 
You wanted to ride me 
Vibe me
Tryna steal the energy 
to feel the synergy 
Can’t you see? 
I ain’t tryna carry them 
I only need to carry me 
Hold yourself up first
And then worry about the symmetry.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
Guide that inspired this poem: 


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