Free My Soul


United States
34° 1' 44.8428" N, 81° 0' 13.2552" W

Held hostage by hurt
Like dreams in a catcher
I long to be free
For myself ever after
I try my hardest to not show I care
Or they'll just grow stronger
So I know, I'll not dare
I shall not cry or show what I feel
Forever my life will spin on a wheel
Then I'm thrown off
And I'm back here, again
Wishing for you, the only thought in my head
Your smile, your laugh
The way you kiss me
How holding you close
Makes me feel free
Free from the blood that falls from my wrists
Creating a puddle
In my deep dark abyss
So here I'll wait
'til the day you save me
And kiss me again
To set my soul free

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