Free at last

Five score years ago
Martin signed
the emancipation proclamation
A great beacon of hope
he ,
was to millions
but in billions
black negros suffered in billions
burnt in the flames of
withering injustice
Longing to be free
but,can never seem to be
The life of a negro
still crippled by
the manacle of segregation
bounded by the chains of descrimination
lived on an island of poverty
all my black sisters and brothers
were left stranded
for one hundred years
In constitution and declaration of independence
they signed a promissory note
for black and white men
guarantee a life of liberty
He stood strong
without prejudice
he refused to believe
the bank of justice is bankrupt
he refused to believe
that there are
insufficient funds in great values
of opportunity of this nation
this Black nation
he cash a cheque
he demanded
the riches of freedom
they raise their hats to you Martin Luther King j.r
as a token of thankyou
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