Free Falling

Gonna dive head first in this murky pool of wonder.
Gonna keep one eye closed, one eye open.
For fear of seeing the unknown, and excitement of discovering new dreams.
Gonna keep swimming my own path for fear of being dependent.
But I have to stay close to you for fear of being abanded.
I need to watch out for dangers in my path.
But I have to have hope that I can overcome them.
I have to trust in myself first, but that seems to be the most difficult.
I know the reward at the end will be worth the wait, but it seems unbearable to get to.
This falling part is weighing me down.
I feel like I have weights strapped to my feet.
I can barely breathe, and the lack of air is making me light-headed.
But it allows me to think.
And I think that this pool I'm in, is my own heart.
And I think I'm falling in love.



Your ending really threw me off! What I thought you were writing about turned to be completely different from your actual intentions. This isn't bad, however! In fact, using the last two lines of your poem I was instantly able to understand the meaning in each of your previous lines the way you intended them! What an awesome technique! Keep up the good poetry! :)

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