Four Letter Word

These four letters shine bright down upon the Earth
They've consumed our hearts
Since the day of our birth
They heal our souls
Make our lives complete
And allow us to cherish the moments
With each and every person we meet
They humble us
Lift our spirits high
They remain with us until the day we die
They allow us to tell the truth without asking why
They permit us to look past all mistakes
And all lies
They are righteous, honest and fair
They take away all our worries
And allow us to walk through life without a care
And the memories for which we make with the people who mean something to us
These four letters are the highlight of that reminiscence
That we share with the people who we know we can trust
They're never boastful, they're strong and true
They allow us to wake up each day at the break of dawn
Ready to start the day anew
And though they can reduce us to a puddle of tears
It wouldn't be so if in our hearts, we didn't hold those so dear
And when the world is cold to the touch
And tries to break us in two
We cling to these four letters
Because we know that's all that we can do
And they're the only thing that will truly guide us through
Shelter you
And keep you.
They allow us to look past all flaws and endeavors
Because none of that matters
When we know the power of these four letters
For the power of these letters towards the ones who hurt us
Will somehow remain with us forever, never to rust
Despite it all, they never fade
Even when pain and despair heavily rains
They make us see just how much we need someone
No matter how much their wrongdoing and betrayal has stung
They are pure as water and as indestructible as gold
They warm us inside and out, sheltering us from the icy cold
v l o e
Rearrange these letters and then, tell me what you see
l o v e
Is enough for me and truly all that I really need
And without these four letters
I honestly, have no idea
Where I would be.


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