"The Four Letter Word"

    When I first laid eyes on you, 

you were beautiful as the sun 

I admit I was scared to talk to you but I could never run 

They say love kills but in this neither does have the gun 

You are my oxygen that I need in my lungs 

I'm still not good at speaking feelings 

I never knew a four letter word to be so powerful, as it starts with "L" and ends with "E",

You and me equals love and peace as we continue to resume our life.

Reminiscing about all the things I only did right.

I'm not Saying divorce like the kardashian's,

but end up with our love everlasting

The meaning of my love for you is hard to explain

as u take my hand and walk down the aisle in which we came. 

With my love there is no defeat,

but my main question is, will u marry me?

Theme- "Forever loved and unconcerned"
                          -Conflicted Poet '15

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Our world
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