The Forward Change

I want to challenge society

Find my own identity

Shake off the belief 

That today there is no relief

From a world plagued by monotony 

Bound to the service of an evil pathology

That there is nothing better than the top

Yet we the poisoned youth, climb, and never fear the drop

We are the forward change

As the dawn come to rearrange 

The elders misconceptions of who we're supposed to be

I want to challenge what they force you to see

We accept our flaws, our tarnished image

But we will not accept this disadvantage 

That you cannot accept the message 

Of our unrelenting courage 

To challenge whats best for us, our preset bondage

I am the forward change

Coming forward to rearrange 

My fellow youth's belief that we are bound to be misunderstood

Come and join us in our brotherhood

Be proud to be the poisoned youth

Renounce these doubters clear untruths 

That we, the tomorrow, are better than yesterday

And all I really wanted to say

Is that I am proud to be today's poisoned youth



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Our world
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