Forgotten Battle Note

Dear warrior I know you are growing weary.
 I have not heard from you since the last battle ended.
You fought since it started all the way to the very end.
 You have stood so tall next to the giant, I stood behind you as you made it weep.
Any stone that came hurtling toward me
you beat to dust before I was touched,
    or so you thought.

Dear warrior you have been so strong through these changing times.
Oh how I have changed now
I am strong and I will stand on my own.
You must trust and let go. Do not fret for the Fight will be won.
I have now hit the Giant and it will fall harder than any you have ever defeated.

Dear warrior I am on my own now.
Everything is different, there are demands at every turn on this battle field.
I fear my letter will never make it to you.
But I know you are always with me, and though I fight in Solitude
I am never Alone.
I will win this battle soon and I will go home.

My dearest warrior I love you
I have loved you through every battle
and with my every last bit, of my being I will love you
though and through 
Till I am Victorious

Forever yours,

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