forgiveness died in everyone who forgive in word,
and not only in that,
forgiveness it's over just even with asking forgiveness,
is gone, because it is right to do so,
is only permitted to say forgiveness to what we make in life that afflicts you in your memories with joy and love.
A false forgiveness it is no longer in perfection,forgiveness is not made for the righteous,
but who is,and even if you do call yourself now nobody will believe.
forgiveness of disappoint you for everything already doesn't exist in the sensitive of your lips
of the thought,
forgiveness if i only ask for it just for asking
if I only apologize nothing more to say,
if I were not with God would not be worth
without really feel it,and just by asking without feeling.

Forgiveness that breaks forgiveness fragile
as a porcelain doll, forgiveness there is only one,
the forgiveness of Jesus to humanity.
forgiveness of the abyss that begs to become a privilege of light,a privilege that must be given truly
to True forgiveness of heart lips.
Beg forgiveness for what has been lost is not forgiveness, but forgiveness is for what you lived,
not of yesterday but today
the issue from yesterday remained yesterday
and today is now essential.


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